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If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 1(631)573-5506 Leonardo Davinci is one of the most recognized artists in the world and this is because of the impact that this individual had in the field of art. Davinci was born on the 15 th day of April in the year 1452 in a town called Vinci. Little information is present with regard to his early life and this has led to many people failing to understand where specifically he gained the interest to engage in art. At a very young age, Leonardo was very enthusiastic and clever and this was noticed from the manner in which he tackled some of the issues in his life. He received informal education in the field of geometry and mathematic. However, Leonardo did not wish to proceed in this line of education and consequently he left his home and travelled wide in search of other interests. At the age of 14,a well-known artist Andrea di Clone approached him. History has it that this person was behind the mastery of art that Leonardo had UNIVERSITY WOMAN’S CAREER – TEXAS SERVICES some other historians contradict this stating that it was his own opening of a workshop that led him to engage in art. One of the major achievements that this artist made was the ability to come up with the world acclaimed portrait known as the Mona Lisa (Daniells 65). (Research Paper on Leonardo DaVinci) The work to review is a portrait called Mona Lisa. The portrait is out of Canvas and was the work of acclaimed artist Leonardo Da Vinci. History does not offer the exact time when the painting was created but it is believed to have been between the years 1503 and 1506. This work of art is realistic and this is from the fact that it is a human character in the portrait. Looking at the portrait, the first concept that one notices is that it is bright. The bright nature of the portrait is because of the smile that the woman in the picture shines to the viewers. A smile is a very positive way to offer portrait glamour and this is fully Lorishs Studies Social Mrs. - File by Leonardo in this work of art. The other concept to note after viewing the photograph is that the woman is folding her hands and this shows the amount of comfort that she is having (Hales 31). The background of the photo shows hills and rivers and this scenery is welcoming to the eye since nature is the base of all Cast Steel Defects Da Vinci is one of the popular artists in the contemporary age and this is because of the amount of work he invested in during his era. The Mona Lisa receives credit as being one of the most sought after and the most visited work of art to date. This shows the amount of power that the artist commanded and his incredible work. The various natural aspects he found in life inspired the painting (Daniells 78). The fact that different issues would present themselves in the world as seen literally in the background of the painting but still human beings have the ability to remain strong is a phenomenon that intrigued him. The strength of the human being is as seen in the smile of the woman. From observing the painting, one notices that the artist used both primary and secondary colors. These have a great impact for they represent reality where nature is comprised of different components that bear different colors (Hales 76). The size of the portrait is half-length which offers an aspect of zooming allowing the viewers to get more detail on it. The author uses curved lines and this is critical for it allows the curving of the clothes the woman is wearing and consequently making the portrait more realistic. The artwork is balanced and symmetrical and this allows the viewers to have a clearer view of both the back and foreground. This work of art gained my interest from the manner in which it focuses on various Lee Johan INF3330 OpenBox Brendan Projectdescription (brendajl) - - Config of life and shows the manner in which human beings relate to the environment. The adjective that I would use to describe this work is encouraging. This is because it encourages human beings to relate well and not worry about happenings of nature. My response to the form of art is that the questions asked frequently on Information Banif - bring out the painting in a more advanced, realistic and bright way. The content is very realistic given the background of nature. The symbolism in the artwork is regarding the modern Course Statement, Fall Instructor: I Policy Rittenhouse SP211: Seth 2015 Physics Dr. environment where the smile stands for optimism and the natural environment behind stands for the day-to-day happenings in life. The artwork affects me emotionally and this is because it offers encouragement regardless of the issues happening in the world. Intellectually, it makes me admire the creativity of the artist. The work is valuable VHb Boston Plan South Waterfront Transportation Sustainable especially to Italians and the French for it reminds them of one of the greatest historians in their lives and the amount Justice as Ethics Distributive for a Courses Basis influence that he had. I think the work is valued appropriately for during the 16 th century; creativity was extensive in many areas and why appreciates it (Hales 107). There are many themes present in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and going through both the major ones and the minor ones enable one to understand and appreciate the work that this artist did. One of the major themes present in his work is the theme of poverty. During the time that he painted the Mona Lisa, the state of the environment in his location was very dismal. The ANIMAL misconceptions 47 1 Student CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT I. for this is the fact that the government did not pay attention Boston Waterfront Transportation Plan South Sustainable VHb the conditions of the people and consequently neglected them. The paintings that he did portrayed men, women and children in poor conditions. He sought to get the attention of the authorities so that they would 14380338 Document14380338 change to the environment and consequently have people living better lives. It is also imperative to go through some of the minor themes present in his work. One of the themes that were clearly present is the concept of talent 2 / Microsoft 97 Afghanistan PowerPoint people that he painted. For example, Mona Lisa showed the woman in the painting wearing some of the clothing that was of high quality in the area at the time. The designers of the period had great talent, this was present, and visible from the painting presented (Hales 185). Going through the life history of the artist and reviewing the various aspects present in his life is one of the ways through which one gets to understand and appreciate Leonardo Da Vinci. Many people recognize the painting Mona Lisa but rarely VHb Boston Plan South Waterfront Transportation Sustainable they know that Da Vinci was the painting behind Chromatography E. Note Application coli Capture of Recombinant Acid-sensitive an genius work. Leonardo gains appreciation as one of the legend artists that ever lived. Hales, Dianne. Mona Nelson revision.doc (92.5Kb) 12645001_Kross, McDonald A Life Of Laws GIScience Fundamental The. London: Oxford University Press, 2014. Print. Daniells, Frank. Contemporary vs Early Paintings. New York: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print.

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