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For workshop handout millennial faculty

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We can help you make the move easier Get advice, accounts and solutions Start settling in even before you arrive. From a bank account and credit card to advice and guidance, you can get what you need to start your studies in Canada. Recently moved to Canada? Start your new life with a Scotiabank bank account 13550313 Document13550313 just for newcomers like you. There’s a lot to figure out when you’re new to Canada. Take a look at our Banking in Canada newcomer resources to learn more about Canadian banking products and get answers to your most pressing questions. A Prepaid VISA Card is an easy way to help your parents Just load funds onto the card Your parents can get groceries, prescriptions, and more. A safety deposit box is a great place to keep wills, jewellery, photographs and anything that you want to protect under lock and key. If you’re taking care of a few expenses for your parents, overdraft protection helps you ensure that you’re never short of funds. Will your parents need extra care down the road? Start saving now so that you’ll have the funds to help.

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